Compulsory Basic Training.
A CBT is the introduction to riding a bike.
Aimed at the complete novice, but still has to be done, regardless of any previous experience.
Whatever the style of machine (scooter or m/cycle) its still compulsory, to be able to ride legally on the public road.
It will allow you to ride up to a 125cc machine (only a 50cc if you are 16) with L-plates, on your own. You can't use motorways or carry passengers & you have to come back after two years, to renew your CBT again.
It involves abit of talking (by me) & after learning how to control the bike, you run through some exercises, using traffic cones - which will help you feel much more confident on the bike.
After which, I'll fit you up with radios, to give you directions, when out on the road. After a few hours of road riding (with a break, don't worry!) the successful rider will get a CBT certificate, which allows them to ride alone.