Do I need to pass the M/cycle theory?
If you only want to ride up to a 125cc machine, are happy to ride with L-plates, never carry a pillion passenger, never use motorways & keep renewing the CBT every two years, then fine, all's well.
If however, you've decided you want to ride a bigger machine and NOT be limited to the above, then the next step is to pass your m/cycle theory test.
If you're young enough to have done the car theory test, the bike one is fairly similar. If you're older (like Rob!) then this aspect will all be new for you - but don't worry, you're using a computer to read this & you use one to pass the theory, so all's not lost.
Having passed the theory still means that you can only ride a 125cc maximum, but you can - after passing - finally move onto taking your full motorcycle test. Well done you...!!
Give us a ring for the direct details on booking your theory test & some excellent (& free!) revision aids.