A full licence nears..
Ok, you've decided that you want a full bike licence & you've already got a valid CBT & m/cycle theory test pass.
The final two parts of the bike test are left;
Module 1 & Module 2 (often just called Mod 1 or Mod 2)

The Module 1 test is a series of exercises that are mostly designed to test your slow riding/clutch control, combined with your ability to avoid obstacles & emergency stop.
A short test, usually lasting about 10 minutes. A good way of proving you can control the bike & is quite a straightforward test, given the right training.
Come to me for an entirely PROVEN approach.

Module 2 is a 45 minute test, all based on-road. The examiner will follow you on another bike, giving you directions via the radio that you would've used before, during your m/cycle training course.
Ride just as I've taught you, don't do anything silly or dangerous & you'll pass. Thousands before you have!!!!
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