What former RobsRiders say...
'Thanks gain for the tuition, great to pass first time' R.P
'I want to thank you for all your help & patience' R.D
'Many thanks for the excellent training you provided me with' N.S
'Truly, thanks for all your guidance - see you soon for that pint' G.C
'Thanks for all your help doing the test. I had alot of fun' J.Q
'Couldn't have done it without you' M.W
'Without your tuition, it would not have been possible' D.P
'I had an exceptional instructor - Rob - who operates RobsRiders. He is the best in the business he tells everyone & he is right' R.E.L
'Thanks for everything you've done' U.B
'You made the training very enjoyable & relaxed. Thanks' G.B
' I guess I'll have to put you on my greatest heroes list' M.C
'I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone, as your knowledge & technique are perfect for anyone wishing to pass' D.W
'Further to my recent dealings with your company, I feel compelled to write to you on the excellent service I have received' N.M
'I enjoyed my CBT so much with you' A.W
'Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you so much. I feel fantastic' P.S
'I owe you a beer!' J.W
'my brother would now like to do lessons with you' R.N
'Thanks for all your help & patience' A.H
'I think its amazing you can take me from knowing nothing, to passing in 3 days. I really appreciate the effort & advice you gave' I.W
'Congrats on RobRiders. Long may it continue' P.A
'I'll pop over & tell your students what a brilliant instructor you are, in case they don't know already!' P.A.G
'Thank you for the excellent training. I passed first time as you predicted. I had a relaxing & enjoyable time' P.L

Just a few on the many emails & letters received over twenty years. Many thanks to everyone...!!!