October 2016.
Hello There...!

So, as we come to the end of 2016, what's new..?
Well, not much really.
Public transport continues to become more & more expensive.
At the same time, less & less reliable..!

Petrol is on the rise again & the volume of traffic is unbelievable!!
I hate driving a car - just to sit there & watch all the m/cycles ride on past me.

There lies the answer, of course!
Motorcycles. Plain & simple.
Its quicker, cheaper & you're moving, whilst others can't.

I'm in the business of selling rider training, obviously, but it
really is the truth.

The past year has seen me teach hundreds of new riders.
Some for just a CBT, to get a scooter, for the daily commute.
Others to pass their tests & buy a bigger bike, to include
the leisure aspects too.

Is it worth it for you?
How many of those hundreds have regretted it?
Have a guess...
Not one & that really is the final answer, on if its for you.

Ring us or email, for a totally free advice.
No sales pitch, no credit card number needed.
M/cycles sell themselves as a way to travel.
I just enable you to do it.

Best wishes.