Terms & conditions;
Please let us know (in good time) if you wish to discuss any of the
Items below.
If you fail to contact us, you will be agreeing to them;

1. Deposits must be made, as discussed by phone or email. failure to do
so, will result in your place being lost.
2. Deposits must be made at least 48 hours before your course starts.
Cancellations must also give 48 hours notice. Less than this, will
result in a lost deposit.
3. Failure to attend, or being more than 15 minutes late (without prior
notice) will also result in a lost deposit. Your course WILL start
on time.
4. Candidates attending MUST be able to understand reasonable English,
without the need for a translator, for safety reasons.
5. It is YOUR responsibility to understand exactly where you are going,
for your appointment. We are happy to give you exact directions.
If you arrive at the wrong destination, it may result in being late.
Please see condition 3.
6. Please discuss in advance, what bike you need & clothing you may
require. We are happy to help you with this.
7. Please make sure you pay the prearranged due fee on the 1st day.
No bartering or 'special' discounts will be given.
8. We make every effort to teach in a safe & effective manner.
Rob WILL however stop the lesson, at any stage, in the interest of
personal or public safety.
9. You are paying to attend the course, there is no guarantee of
passing, if you are deemed unsafe.
10 Robs decision is final & absolute.

Thanks for your time.